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Mundial knives, knife block sets and kitchen cutlery
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Wusthof-Trident knives, knife blocks and kitchen cutlery

A proud tradition: 200 years in the making!
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ED. WÜSTHOF DREIZACKWERK of Solingen, Germany, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of quality cutlery. As one of the oldest companies located in a city with a centuries old cutlery heritage, the WÜSTHOF factory made its first appearance in official documents in 1814. As its reputation as a symbol of quality grew, the Trident logo (the legendary Spear of Neptune) was registered with the Imperial Patent Office in Berlin in 1895.

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Today, just as it began, Ed. Wüsthof Dreizackwerk (The Trident Factory) proudly operates under the sole ownership of the WÜSTHOF family. Traditions born nearly two centuries ago are honored today as they painstakingly manufacture the world's highest quality, precision forged knives. As a result. . .a reward. The Trident logo is recognized and protected in almost every country in the world. An internationally acclaimed symbol of perfection.

The finished WÜSTHOF knife reflects the combined efforts of over 200 dedicated, highly skilled crafts people. A team with very high standards whose primary goal is producing the perfect knife. A knife worthy of, and proudly bearing the WÜSTHOF name and Trident logo.

Precision forged. Perfectly balanced. Flawlessly finished. Incredibly sharp. The optimum size and style available for any cutting task in your kitchen. Can a knife be considered a culinary masterpiece? Yes.

With over 120 different precision forged knives to choose from (no other manufacturer offers more), the world's most discriminating professional chefs and home cooking enthusiasts alike will always look to WÜSTHOF as the source for cutting tools of uncompromising quality.

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